Jobee is the go to person for ideas of the crew. His quick thinking and smarts planning sometimes gets him and the rest of the crew out trouble.


Zork is an alien from Planet Patron. His ship had crash and landed on earth two years ago and his mission is to return back to his plant. Zork has cool powers and enjoy having fun and skateboarding.

Snazzy Jazzy

Snazzy Jazzy is the only girl of the crew. She is a tomboy by heart and always up for a challenge. She feels she has to prove to the other guys that she can do things better then they can.




Chuck is the not so brave one of the crew. Food is constantly on his mind. He always travels with a backpack full of snacks. When trouble occur he gets nervous and has to eat something to get rid of the nervous jitters. Chuck trys to be brave around Snazzy Jazzy because he has a crush on her.


Lance is the cool one in the crew. The one thing on his mind is skateboarding and keeping his hair looking cool.


Deck is Chuck's pup. Deck is scary just like his owner. Deck also loves to eat just like Chuck. When ever Chuck eats Deck eats as well.