About Us


Space Out Nerd is a skateboard apparel company based in New York, established in 2010. We know there’s a lot of skate brand companies out there, however our brand is one of a kind. We are always looking to improve our ideas and make them better than the last designs. While working on our creative side, we believe within fashion and technology, we can go a long way.

When people first see our logo, they automatically think it says “Space Nerd Out”. The correct way is “Space Out Nerd”. It also brings conversation about the logo and we don't mind telling you the correct way of saying it. The logo was meant to be different from other logos out there. Take a look at the “O" in the word Out. It includes a little character with a bow tie and he is also our mascot. We believe everybody has a little nerd in them. We're not done yet! To add more creativity to the logo, look closely at each letter in the word. It creates the acronym S.O.N. This is a term used in New York, referencing someone's buddy.

The owner of the company has always been a hard worker. He believes if you work on something, you give it your all so that you can be the best at what you do. This is why in some of our ads and commercials you may see or hear the saying, "skate like you mean it”. We also would like to get more kids involved in skating and build mini skate parks around New York City. Some of our profits will be donated to different charities; something S.O.N. strongly believes in. The goal and future of Space Out Nerd is to take the company's success and give back to the community. From each purchase $1.00 will be giving to the organization Hungry Hearts to feed the homeless.